Wesley’s CV

Updated 4/29/2024

Joel Wesley Thompson, MHS, PA-C, AAHIVS, DFAAPA

NC Department of Health and Human Services
Communicable Disease Branch
333 E. Six Forks Rd.
Raleigh, NC 27609


1991, Master of Health Science, Duke University, Durham, NC
1987, Physician Assistant Certificate, Duke University, Durham, NC
1987, Bachelor of Health Science, Duke University, Durham, NC
1982, Bachelor of Art, Biology, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC

Clinical History

Communicable Disease Branch PrEP Medical Consultant at NC DHHS Division of Public Health
March 20, 2024 – Present. Raleigh, North Carolina

  • Serve as a PrEP advocate for the State PrEP program
  • Identify and train providers in the rural areas, assuring that every county has a PrEP provider
  • Research and develop protocols to establish a Communicable Disease Branch TelePrEP model
  • Serve as medical resource as needed to answer PrEP questions
  • Help determine strategies/protocols to ensure adherence and retention for clients

GEI International Faculty at World Professional Association for Transgender Health
September 30, 2023 – Present

  • Faculty providing education to other medical providers on Transgender healthcare and the challenges faced by this priority population.

Volunteer Team Member at Safari Doctors
March 2023 – Present. Kenya

  • As part of my semi-retirement, I am working with Safari Doctors to enhance access to healthcare and education to healthcare providers in areas of need. In the near future, I plan on joining their teaching faculty.

HIV Medical Director and Physician Assistant, Amity Medical Group – Charlotte, North Carolina
December 2015 to February 2023. Retired from patient care. Continuing consulting and lecturing.

  • Founder of Amity Medical Group
  • Provided care for more than 1000 HIV/AIDS patients.
  • Provided PrEP for more than 600 patients from March 2023.
  • Provided care for more than 500 trans patients.
  • Co-chair of Mecklenburg County Health Department PrEP Pilot initiative.
  • American Academy of HIV Medicine Certified (AAHIVS)
  • RAIN Medical Director
  • Provided comprehensive primary care to the LGBTQ and straight allies community.
  • Co-Chair AAHIVM Board of Directors Southeast Region
  • Clinical Researcher in phases 3 – 4 ARV trials
  • Coordinate HIV/AIDS compassionate care, patient advocacy, and community resource assistance
  • Provide ongoing continuous quality improvement (CQI) for Ryan White Grants.
  • Preceptor of Family Practice for Wake Forest University Medical School Physician Assistant Program
  • Preceptor of Family Practice for UNC-Chapel Hill Nurse Practitioner Program
  • Preceptor of Family Practice for Duke University Physician Assistant Program
  • Preceptor of Family Practice for Wake Forest University Physician Assistant Program
  • Preceptor of Family Practice for Wingate University Physician Assistant Program
  • Preceptor of Family Practice for Winston Salem State University Nurse Practitioner Program
  • Preceptor of Family Practice for Chamberlain University Nurse Practitioner Program

Specialty Editor, WebMedCentral.comMay 2012 to present.

  • Infectious Disease, specifically HIV/AIDS Specialty Editor.

Physician Assistant, Rosedale Infectious Diseases– Huntersville, North Carolina – April 2012 to April 2015

Physician Assistant, Carolinas Medical Center Myers Park, Infectious Disease Department – Charlotte, North Carolina – May 2006 to December 2011

Physician Assistant, Jemsek Clinic – Huntersville, North Carolina – June 2000 to March 2006

Physician Assistant, Charlotte Medical Care Center – Charlotte, North Carolina – November 1999 to May 2000 (temporary assignment)

Physician Assistant, Kaiser Permanente, Family Practice Clinic – Charlotte, North Carolina – July 1997 to October 1999

Physician Assistant, Kaiser Permanente, Family Practice Clinic – Raleigh, North Carolina – March 1993 to July 1997

Clinical Research

  • Mako Laboratories single site Monkey Pox trial on the incidence of asymptomatic patients
  • TRIO Health HTE treated patients. Retrospective study characterized PWH in clinical practice
  • PROMISE. Retrospective and prospective study in THE patient and the use of Trogarzo
  • EPICC. UNC-CH research project on PrEP and adherence
  • Co-morbidity study with CREW and CFAR on Barriers to Care in the HIV patient
  • Project INSTEP Barriers to Care in HIV treatment and prevention
  • FHI369 and UNC CFAR. Formative research to understand need and experiences in LGBT youth of color and service providers based on PrEP counseling.
  • PrEP-MECK Initiative
  • Epividian CHORUS Retention Study for HIV
  • Mecklenburg County Health Department PrEP Initiative
  • Tobira 652-2-202, Sub-Investigator
  • NK-104-4.05US, Kowa, Sub-Investigator
  • ING 111762 SAILING ViiV Healthcare, Sub-Investigator
  • ING 114467 SINGLE ViiV Healthcare, Sub-Investigator
  • TMC ETRO, Tibotec, Sub-Investigator
  • TMC INROADS, Tibotec, Sub-Investigator
  • GS 119, Gilead Science, Sub-Investigator
  • GS 117 Gilead Science, Sub-Investigator
  • GS 104, Gilead Science, Sub-Investigator
  • GS 105, Gilead Science, Sub-Investigator
  • GS 130, Gilead Science, Sub-Investigator
  • GS 145, Gilead Science, Sub-Investigator
  • GS 110, Gilead Science, Sub-Investigator
  • GS 118, Gilead Science, Sub-Investigator
  • GS 114, Gilead Science, Sub Investigator
  • GS 102, Gilead Sciences, Sub-Investigator
  • GS 103, Gilead Sciences, Sub-Investigator
  • GS 106 Switch, Gilead Sciences Sub-Investigator
  • TMC114-C226, Tibotec, Sub-Investigator
  • TMC114-C209, Tibotec, Sub-Investigator
  • TMC114-C202, Tibotec, Sub-Investigator
  • TMC114-C214, Tibotec, Sub-Investigator
  • TMC125-C206, Tibotec, Sub-Investigator
  • A4001026, Pfizer, Sub-Investigator
  • A4001027, Pfizer, Sub-Investigator
  • A4001029, Pfizer, Sub-Investigator
  • AI424131, Bristol Myers Squibb, Sub-Investigator
  • AI424128, Bristol Myers Squibb, Sub-Investigator
  • AI4124079, Bristol Myers Squibb, Sub-Investigator
  • AI424089, Bristol Myers Squibb, Sub-Investigator
  • AI424135-ZEST, Bristol Myers Squibb, Sub-Investigator
  • AI424121, Bristol Myers Squibb, Sub-Investigator
  • Glaxo Aloha Trial, Glaxo Smith Kline, Sub-Investigator
  • Roche “Enhance” Protocol, Roche, Sub-Investigator
  • TMC 114, Tibotec, Sub-Investigator
  • TherImmune AntiR7V Elisa Study
  • Ortho-Biotech HCV Infection treatment with Peg-Intron Study
  • AI424-037, Bristol-Myers Squib Pharmaceutical Inc., Sub-Investigator
  • AI424043, Bristol-Myers Squib Pharmaceutical Inc., Sub-Investigator
  • AI424045, Bristol-Myers Squib Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Sub-Investigator
  • PR99-30-33, Ortho-Biotech, Sub-Investigator
  • PR00-30-035, Ortho-Biotech, Sub-Investigator
  • AI424006, Bristol Myers Squibb, Sub-Investigator
  • AI424034, Bristol Myers Squibb, Sub-Investigator
  • GS-US-183-0144/5, Gilead Science, Sub-Investigator
  • GS-US-183-0105, Gilead Science, Sub-Investigator
  • GS-01-903 (tenofovir disoproxil fumarate), Gilead Sciences, Sub-Investigator
  • Comet Trial, Gilead Sciences, Sub-Investigator
  • GS-01-934, Gilead Sciences, Sub-Investigator
  • Agouron #202, Agouron Pharmaceuticals Inc., Sub-Investigator
  • Agouron A4311002, Sub-Investigator
  • Agouron A4311006, Capravirine salvage, Sub-Investigator
  • Agouron #508, Agouron Pharmaceuticals Inc., Sub-Investigator
  • ABT #378r (lopinavir/ritonavir), Abbot Pharmaceuticals, Sub-Investigator
  • Ortho Biotech 035 Hepatitis C/ HIV co-infected, Sub-Investigator
  • BI-1182.52 (tipranavir) Phase II b dose finding study, Sub-Investigator
  • BI-1182.17 (tipranavir) Phase III, Sub-Investigator
  • BI-1182.12 (tipranavir) Phase III, Sub-Investigator
  • BI-1182.51 (tipranavir), Sub-Investigator
  • GS-01-910 (tenofovir disoproxil fumarate), Gilead Sciences, Sub-Investigator
  • Vaxgen AIDSVAX Vaccine Clinical Trials, Vaxgen, Sub-Investigator

Certifications and Licenses

  • NCCPA Certification – PA-C
  • AAHIVM HIV Specialist
  • North Carolina Physician Assistant License 101018
  • DEA MT3853719
  • X DEA Waiver XT3853719
  • NIDA Good Clinical Practice 3/3/2022 – 3/3/2025
  • HSP – Human Subject Protection accredited.

Advisory Boards/Panels

  • ViiV Pharmaceuticals HIV/AIDS Regional Advisory Board Panel
  • Gilead Pharmaceuticals HIV/AIDS Regional Advisory Board Panel
  • Janssen Pharmaceutical HIV/AIDS Regional Advisory Board Panel

Professional  Affiliations

  • World Professional Association of Transgender Health (WPATH)
  • WPATH GEI faculty
  • Charlotte Transgender Healthcare Group
  • MCPH PrEP and Getting to Zero Committees
  • NC HMAP Provider Advisor Committee
  • NCAAN Board of Directors
  • Carolinas Care Board of Directors
  • Visiting Lecturer, Davidson University – 2003-2012
  • Visiting Lecturer, Wake Forest University – 2003-2012
  • Adjunct Professor, Wingate University PA Program – 2008-2012
  • Co-Chair of the Mecklenburg County Commissioner’s AIDS Council, former
  • Co-Chair Ryan White Quality Management for Mecklenburg County
  • CarolinasCare AIDS Service Organization, Charlotte, NC
  • International AIDS Society Member
  • American Academy of HIV Medicine, Co-Chair, Southeast Chapter
  • World Professional Association of Transgender Health
  • Gay and Lesbian Medical Association
  • International Association of Physicians in AIDS Care Member
  • Regional AIDS Interfaith Network (RAIN), Board of Directors Member, Charlotte, NC
  • Clinical Consultant, Community Resource and Lecturer, Metrolina AIDS Project
  • Physician Assistant AIDS Network Association
  • North Carolina Medical Society
  • Mecklenburg County Medical Society
  • American Academy of Physician Assistants
  • North Carolina Academy of Physician Assistants
  • Metrolina Academy of Physician Assistants
  • Duke University Physician Assistant Alumni Association
  • Lecturer and Community Resource, Positive Wellness AIDS Service Organization, Lexington, NC
  • Lecturer and Community Resource, ALFA AIDS Service Organization, Hickory, NC
  • Lecturer, and Community Resource, Rowan County AIDS Task Force, Salisbury, NC

Community Affiliations

  • St. Peter’s Episcopal Church Eucharistic Lay Minister
  • Wendover Heights Homeowners’ Association Board of Directors, former
  • Executive Producer, Portrait for Hell by Thorin Thompson, Nosfilmatu Productions
  • Co-Producer, I am the water, You are the Sea by Malachi Leopold


  • American Sign Language
  • French – Conversational in speaking, writing, and reading
  • Spanish – Conversational in speaking, writing, and reading
  • German – Conversational in speaking, writing, and reading
  • Mandarin Chinese previously conversational, minor studies would regain skills

Speaker Bureaus

  • Abbott, 2000 – 2015
  • ViiV, 2008 – present
  • Boehringer Ingelheim, 2000 – 2012
  • Bristol Myers Squibb, 2000 – 2005
  • Gilead, 2003 – Present
  • Merck, 2008 – 2012
  • Janssen, 2006 – Present
  • Napo Pharmaceutical, 2018 – 2022
  • Theratechnology, 2018 – 2022
  • Ryan White Action Organization

Publications and Presentations (selected partial list – full list available upon request)

  • NYSSPA 2023 PA Conference Speaker for HIV Prevention. November 2023;
  • AAHIVM CME accredited workshop on Unintended Weight Change and Metabolic Complications in HIV patients. June 2023
  • McLeod Institute MH and SUD CME accredited Conference. Topic The Intersectionality of HIV, MH, and SUD. May 2023
  • CAHEC Transgender Healthcare 101 CME accredited and provided to Charlotte EMS and other healthcare professionals March – May 2023
  • Corneli A, Perry B, Wilson J, Reif S, Gulden C, Hanlen-Rosado E, Cooper H, Taylor J, Starling S, Thompson JW. Identification of Determinants and Implementation Strategies to Increase PrEP Uptake Among Black Same Gender-Loving Men in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina: The PrEP-MECK Study. J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr. 2022 Jul 1;90(S1):S149-S160. doi: 10.1097/QAI.0000000000002975. PMID: 35703767; PMCID: PMC9220775.
  • Corneli A, Perry B, Taylor J, Beckford J, Molokwu N, Reif S, Wilson J, Gulden C, Bickham J, Siren J, Thompson JW, Clement ME. HIV Prevention During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Sexual Activity and PrEP Use Among Black Same-Gender-Loving Men and Black Cisgender Women. AIDS Educ Prev. 2022 Apr;34(2):142-157. doi: 10.1521/aeap.2022.34.2.142. PMID: 35438538; PMCID: PMC9534043.
  • Clinical Decision Support System Alerts for HIV Retention in Care – A Pilot Implementation Research Study, Open Forum Infectious Disease. Epividian and CHORUS (Observational Pharmaco-Epidemiology Research & Analysis) Tools. December 2020
  • Davidson University Trans Diversity and Sensitivity Training Facilitator Spring 2018
  • UNCC McLeod Social Worker Conference on Trans care Spring 2018
  • NASTAD Spring Conference March 2018
  • Black AIDS Institute PrEP Conference 2017
  • NCATEC PrEP Community Meeting 2017
  • NCAETC PrEP Summit 2017
  • BTAN HIV Summit April 2017
  • Mecklenburg County Health Department HIV Update 2016
  • 54th Annual Post Graduate Symposium, Charlotte, NC, September 2015
  • 53rd Annual Post Graduate Symposium, Charlotte, NC, August 2014
  • PEP, PrEP, and TaSP article, Q-Notes July 2014
  • HIV/AIDS in The South article, HIV Specialist Magazine, April 2014
  • AAHIVM HIV/Hepatitis C CME presenter 2014
  • Positive Living Conference Speaker, Florida 2010 – present
  • ManReach, HIV Positive Men’s Retreat Keynote Speaker, Florida and Colorado 2010 – present
  • Carolina Alcohol and Drug Resources (CADRE) HIV 101 education 2012 – present
  • Mecklenburg County Health Department yearly HIV 101 education 2010 – present
  • HIV Specialist Magazine, contributor – 2008, 2011, 2012, 2014
  • ViiV 14th Annual HIV Summit speaker November 2012
  • World AIDS Day Keynote Speaker, Mecklenburg County – 2011
  • World AIDS Day Keynote Speaker, Mecklenburg County – 2010
  • ID Advisor Interview Issue 2:2 – 2011
  • AFPPA Fall CME Conference – Surviving and Thriving with HIV – 2011
  • AAPA Sponsored CME Conferences, multistate HIV in Primary Care – 2011
  • ID Adviser Magazine, interview – 2010
  • CME Conferences sponsored by AAPA, multistate HIV Trends for Primary Care – 2010
  • World AIDS Day, Keynote Speaker, Davidson University, Davidson, NC – 2008 and 2009
  • CME Conferences sponsored by AAPA, HIV and Primary Care – 2008
  • HIV and Spirituality, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church – 2008
  • JAAPA CME Insert Primary HIV Care – 2008
  • Quantia MD Floor Reporter CROI February 2008
  • AFPPA Fall Conference, “Update on HIV”. – 2007
  • Healthy Relationships Lectures for Regional AIDS Interfaith Network (RAIN)
  • Regional Educational Activities for Caregivers in HIV (REACH) lecture series
  • Carolinas Association for Community Health Equity, Inc. (CACHE) lecture series
  • “Increase to Decrease” campaign organized by an affiliation of Black Churches, Charlotte, NC
  • American Academy of Physician Assistants Chapter Lecture Series Speakers
  • World AIDS Day Friendship Missionary Baptist, Charlotte, NC – 2006
  • International House Community Lecture Series on HIV, Ukrainian Delegations – 2006
  • Mecklenburg County Audubon Society lecture on Avian Influenza – Jun 2006
  • World AIDS Day Keynote Speaker Davidson University, Davidson, NC – 2005
  • National League of Cities Conference HIV Prevention and Treatment needs – 2005
  • ANAC Conference, HIV/AIDS Salvage Therapy, New Orleans, LA. – 2004
  • HIV Update for the North Carolina Academy of Physician Assistants National Conference – 2004-2005
  • HIV Update for Wake Forest Medical School Physician Assistant Program – 2003.
  • Ongoing community and colleague lecture series on HIV, Opportunistic Infections, Medication Adherence, Side Effects, and related topics – 2001-present
  • Presenter for North Carolina Gay Men’s Health Summit – 2001
  • Authored Patient Monthly Newsletter for Jemsek Clinic – 2000-2006.
  • Health Summit at UNC-CH School of Social Work – 2001
  • HIV and OI’s Community Forum for Rowan County AIDS Task Force (now Rowan Care Alliance)- 2001
  • Developed Clinical Policies and Procedures for Metrolina AIDS Project Ryan White Title III Program – 2001
  • HIV and Opportunistic Infections. Community Forum, Metrolina AIDS Project – 2001
  • Co-authored Jemsek Clinic website – 2000-2006
  • Ask the Experts, panel discussion for PA Advance Magazine – 1999.
  • “Charlotte Talks” on WFAE: Panel discussion on Physician Assistants and Managed Health Care – 1998.
  • “HIV Update” Kaiser Permanente, Raleigh NC – 1997
  • “Natural Herbal Therapy: The Harmful and the Helpful” – lecture delivered for Kaiser Permanente – 1996
  • Death and Dying with Dignity in the Long Term Care Setting”, Provider – 1993
  • Fun in the Sun; At What Cost?” Alamance City-County Magazine – 1992
  • “The Healthcare System of Australia” – lecture delivered for the Health Administration Department, Duke University – 1992
  • “The Healthcare System of Holland” – lecture delivered for the Health Administration Department, Duke University – 1992
  • “Code 5 Update” – continuing education lecture for nursing staff, North Carolina Eye, Ear and Nose Hospital (formerly McPherson Hospital), Durham, NC – 1988-1989

Charitable Work

  • Safari Doctors Medical Mission Education Lamu County, Kenya. March 2023
  • Our Bridge Free Health Clinic Fairs. 2019, 2021, 2022.
  • Established Amity Group Foundation to assist HIV positive and other at-risk populations access healthcare.
  • HIV Mission Trips to Belize to provide care to the indigent and prison populations.
  • Provided monthly free care to HIV patients for the OpenDoor Clinic in Statesville, North Carolina – 2004-2005
  • Co-founded the Jemsek Project Charitable Organization to help those affected and infected with HIV/AIDS


  • Avant Institute Nexus Award 2023.
  • Point of Care Network. Top PA in Infectious Disease and HIV/AIDS 2021
  • NC DHHS Long Term Survivor Provider Recognition Award 2017
  • Poz 100 Outstanding Leadership 2016 Award recipient
  • Mecklenburg County Ryan White Program CQI Committee Certificate of Appreciation Award – 2014
  • Carolinas Healthcare Certificate of Appreciation 5 years service award – 2011
  • Outstanding Service Award from Metrolina AIDS Project (MAP) – 2009
  • Distinguished Fellow of the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA) – 2009
  • Regional AIDS Interfaith Network Leadership Recognition Award – 2006
  • Regional AIDS Interfaith Network Board of Directors Distinguished Service Award – 2003-2008
  • TheBody.com HIV Leadership Award – 2005