Be mischievous. It feels good.
Sex is natural, but not if it’s done right.
This morning, I was standing naked in front of the mirror and thinking to myself, ‘I’m going to get thrown out of this IKEA soon.
Is that a boo boo?!?!?
A Buddhist nudist practices yoga bare.
Nudists are people who wear one-button suits.
Never cook bacon when you’re naked.
I’m glad I am a man who has once danced naked in uptown Charlotte at midnight.
What’s the difference between a northern fairytale and a southern fairytale? A northern fairytale begins “Once upon a time…” A southern fairytale begins “Y’all ain’t gonna believe this …”
Tomorrow is my 26th anniversary with Trey.  I knew he was the right one when I couldn’t fall asleep because reality was better than my dreams. Happy Anniversary my love.
A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.
I always forgive my enemies. Nothing annoys them more.
Patients forget what I say. Patients forget what I do. But patients never forget how I make them feel. This is the art of medicine.
One can live as though nothing is a miracle. One can live as though everything is a miracle.  It’s your choice…………..
Slavery was abolished by the minority. Women’s suffrage was abolished by the minority. Anti- Miscegenation law was abolished by the minority Anti- Marriage equality will be abolished by the minority. Whenever you find yourself on the side of majority, it is time to pause and reflect.
It is not a lack of love; it’s a lack of friendship that can ruin a marriage.
A patient recently told me that when he gets the urge to exercise, he lies down until the urge passes…………..
Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.
The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.
If you live and never fail at something, then you have not lived.
Well behaved men seldom make history.
I had a transgender patient this week who was concerned about drinking and eating too much. He said all he wanted to do was eat, drink and be Mary…………….
You know you have grown old together when the romantic sounds of Ooo and Ahh are replaced by Ohh and Oww.
Many a man thinks he is patient when, in reality, he is indifferent.
Friendship isn’t about whom you have known the longest. It’s about those who came and never left your side
Sometimes I dream I am flying. Sometimes I dream I am naked. I am glad I never dream I am flying naked. Imagine the turbulence!
When lovers get angry, their love revives.
True love is like a sigh from the heart; it teaches in a moment everything one ought to say.
I am male by birth. Man by age. And a gentleman by choice.
Trey is more me than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same
I have been given this life because I am strong enough to handle it.  So are you.
Sometimes, I leave a world dense with memories, to let me soul prosper.
There is no success without hardship”  Sophocles 4th Century BCE
People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is light from within.
I don’t drink alcohol. I drink spirits. I am not an alcoholic, I’m a spiritualist.
Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly.
For me, Nekkid and nude Should never be construed As synonyms to express The same deficiency of dress. They are as wide apart, As love from lies or truth from art.
I am not a winner because I am the fastest or the best. I am a winner because I refuse to lose.
No relationship can survive 4th of July fireworks every night. But a relationship can last a lifetime with the fireflies of a July night
“Go placidly amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible without surrender, be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly, and listen to others, even the dull and ignorant; they too have their story. Be yourself. Especially do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love – for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment it is perennial as the grass. Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth. Nurture strength of spirit to shield you from misfortune. But do not distress yourself with imaginings. Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness. Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be, and whatever your labours and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul. With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world.” ― Max Ehrmann,
If people were meant to be naked, we would have been born that way………
Blessed are the flexible for they shall not be bent out of shape…..
Blessed are they who can laugh at themselves for they shall never cease to be amused.
Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.
Preach the gospel and when necessary use words. St Augustine
“In hotel rooms I worry. I think, I can’t be the only guy who sits on the furniture naked.”
I went to a strip mall the other day. Was I ever disappointed…Everybody else had on clothes.
The Ford Motor Company is unveiling an electric car with a body entirely made of plastic… I believe they’re calling it ‘the Cher’.
I’m young at heart. Slightly older in other places.
A boy becomes a man when the marks he wants to leave on the world have nothing to do with tires.
In prosperity, our friends know us; in adversity, we know our friends.
The height of your accomplishments will equal the depth of your convictions.
A successful marriage isn’t finding the right person – it’s being the right person.
Youth looks ahead, old age looks back, and middle age looks tired.
An apology is a good way to have the last word.
Ever notice how ignorance picks-up confidence as it goes along.
Never drive faster than your Guardian Angel can fly.
What’s all the fuss about same-sex marriages? I’ve been married for years, and I keep having the same sex.
Why is it a naked woman in heels looks beautiful and a naked man in shoes looks silly?
Why is it we are okay with violence but we race to criticize and censor nudity.
Nudity is about your body. It is easier to expose your body than to expose your inner thoughts.
Congressman, Senators, Representative, and Mayors all place their hand on the Bible and swear to uphold the constitution. They did not place their hand on the constitution and swear to uphold the Bible.
Homosexuality is found in over 450 species. Homophobia is found in just one.
Clothing has been shown to cause extreme psychological dependence. Wear it at your own risk.”
Deceit must be clothed. Truth loves to go naked.
The naked truth is always better than the best dressed lie.
Our biological sex drive is several million years older than our intelligence……….
Buddha says sex is one of the nine reasons for reincarnation…the other eight are unimportant. I hope that clears the air for some of you.
Being naked outside and in the water is one of the best ways to restore my sense of blissful innocence. It takes me back my childhood, where I got to run around naked without anyone telling me I had to cover up or be embarrassed.
Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.
Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes.
Is it a weakness to yield to temptation? I say it takes strength and courage to yield to some temptations.
However many Bible verses you read, however many you quote, what good will they do you if you do not act on upon them?
God will not punish you for your anger. You will be punished by your anger.
The reason Santa is so jolly is because he knows where all the naughty guys live!
My favorite sex sounds are Ooo and Aahh and “Whose hands are those?”
Sex between a man and a woman can be wonderful, provided you can get between the right man and the right woman.
Sexually progressive cultures gave us literature, philosophy, civilization and the rest, while sexually restrictive cultures gave us the Dark Ages and the Holocaust.”
Anybody who believes that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach flunked geography.
How did sex come to be thought of as dirty in the first place? God must have been a Republican.
It doesn’t matter who my father was. It matters who I remember he was.
Do not follow where the path may lead; go instead, where there is no path. And leave a trail of clothes…….
I did the whirlybird dance for Trey this morning. Come on guys, don’t pretend you haven’t done the whirlybird……….
I never let your morals get in the way of me doing what’s right.
It seems to me that in these times of governmental deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.
I have decided it is bad luck to be superstitious……….
I prefer to be wisely worldly rather than worldly wise.
When Trey is not here, there is a hole in my life that I walk around during the day and fall in to at night. I miss him like Hell.
Success is never permanent. A failure is never final.
If we live good lives, times are also good. As we are, so are the times.
True leadership is to be a true servant.
Zeal without knowledge is fire without light.
How good is gay sex that people are willing to go to Hell for it!
“I don’t regret the things I’ve done; I regret the things I didn’t do when I had the chance.”
“Good things come to those who wait… greater things come to those who get off their ass and do anything to make it happen.”
Go where you are celebrated – not tolerated. If they can’t see the real value of you, it’s time for a new start.”
The best revenge is to be wildly successful.
“Life is short, live it. Love is rare, grab it. Anger is bad, dump it. Fear is awful, face it. Memories are sweet, cherish it.”
Don’t worry about failure. Worry about the chances you miss because you don’t try.
No one can go back and make a new start. But anyone can start now and have a brand new ending.
“Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, or worn. It is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace & gratitude.”
I scared the postman by going to the door naked. I’m not sure what scared him more, my naked body or the fact that I knew where he lived.
Loose the words of passion’s fire, Kindle the flame. Stir in me desire, With the soft uttering of my name.
You know you are gay if you manscape, down there, before you see me for a checkup.
Few people can be happy unless they hate some other person, nation, or creed.
My road to happiness and your road to happiness are different. But neither of us is lost.
Politicians are interested in people. But then fleas are interested in dogs.
95% of politicians give the other 5% a bad reputation
The military does not start wars. Politicians do.
The mistake politicians make is forgetting they were elected and thinking they have been anointed.
There is only one real sin, and that is not fulfilling your destiny.
The critical responsibility for each generation is to provide the shoulders, the direction, and the support for the next generation.
As I get older, I realize that fear makes strangers of those who should be friends.
Respect bought with money, is not worth it.
God is looking for spiritual fruits, not religious nuts……………….
Each of us is a pen in God’s hand and he is writing love letters to the world
Many will be amazed that the seed sown in the dust of daily life, will blossom and bloom as a blessing to the Lord
You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.
There’s a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line.”
I access God when I am serving others.
To access God, help those who need help – there you will find God.
Love is ideal. Marriage is real. Never confuse the two.
Heaven will be no heaven if I don’t meet my Trey there.
Marriage is three parts love and seven parts forgiveness.
Why is it we flirt with those we would not marry, and marry those who don’t flirt with us?
The secret to a happy marriage? Keep your mouth shut and your checkbook open!
Laughter in the bedroom is fine – so long as you don’t point.
What a mother sings to the cradle, follows to the coffin.
Man was created on the 6th day at the end of a week’s work when God was tired.
Many men wish to be saved from the consequences of their vices, but not their vices.
Boys will be boys. And so will a lot of middle aged men.
Early to bed and early to rise is an indication you don’t care for the internet.
The only chance I have to be whole (i.e. holy) is that I live inside the love of my husband Trey. He makes me whole or holy.
Be the light. Be the path. And people will find the way.
Want to grow love? Sow joy……….
Easter. Proof you can bury the truth, but it wont stay there.
Easter takes us out of time and for a moment we feel eternity.
Christianity begins where religion ends.
Love is holy, when from the cup of the body he drinks the wine of the soul.
It’s spring and my sap is flowing……..
I’ve decided when someone lists their relationship on FB as “It’s complicated”, it really means you are single but still sleeping with your ex.
I reminded Trey today that my heart was his, and as a bonus, he gets all my other parts absolutely free!
Sometimes sex is beautiful. Often, it is fun; funny; dangerous; dull; lethal; exciting, and, for far too many, a chore quite comparable to taking out the garbage.
Sex is a momentary itch I scratch, love never lets me go.
The older I get, the more I’m not as interested in what you have to tell or sell as in how you choose to live and give.
Marrying well gives one wings. Marrying poorly gives one shackles.
I have learned that it is best not to figure out who will wear the pants in your relationship. Relationships work best when no one is wearing pants!
If you see me smiling (and you know which smile), I am thinking about something naughty. If you see me laughing, it’s because I have already done it.
For many people, chocolate is a guilty pleasure. My guilty pleasure is being Wesley.
As I sit here naked reading Facebook posts and giggle, I realize I jiggle when I giggle.
To be wise in love, love more, say less.
God is for me a verb to be lived and not a noun to be defined.
Trey tells me he doesn’t remember his mistakes because there is no sense in both of us remembering his mistakes.
Being gay means no one expects you to kiss and not tell.
Being gay means you can have pictures of naked men you don’t know.
Being gay means you know why God created Lycra and why not everyone should wear it.
Being gay means your dogs have fabulous names.
Being gay means you have read the book, seen the movie and done the musical!
I learned the hard way to never to be naked while bathing a cat.
Never tell a naked woman she looks just like her sister.
A patient handed me a “Support Nudism” pin. Really? And where was I supposed to put the pin?!?!
I went to a nude wedding once. I came within half a inch of being the best man.
We are each a blend of saint and sinner, dust and deity. Please learn to forgive.
It is easier to be a lover than a husband because it is more difficult to be witty every day than to say pretty things from time to time.
The two hardest things to say are the first hello and the last goodbye.
If you are never scared, embarrassed or hurt, it means you never take chances.
You are going to die so stop worrying about everything. Be naked. Follow your heart.
Enlightenment teaches me that as a Christian I can not use violence in asserting my rights.
Be equal to your talent, not your age.
Trey is my sex object. Every time I ask for sex, he objects.
What are the three words you don’t want to hear while having sex? “Honey, I’m home.”
Some of the best sex I have had has been with people I can’t stand.
When I said I don’t sleep with married men, what I meant to say was I don’t sleep with happily married men.
I have had sex with both men and women. I found I liked it.
Sex is like money. Only too much is enough.
I have decided I no longer want to be called gay. You may call me ecstatic!
To be a Christian is to have the courage to be.
The most important issue in life is not winning; it is being faithful to your core values.
To conquer fear, find yourself in others and them in you.
It is the duty of every true Deist to vindicate the moral justice of God against the evils of the Bible.
Dream big and place your dreams in the sky. Now build the foundation under them.
Thoughts/thinking are/is the ancestor of action.
Courage is doing what you are afraid to do. There can be no courage without fear.
Do not be afraid. Death cannot remove you from the universe.
All of us contain a squealing, giggling, running child that just knows warm sun on naked skin just goes together.
Conservative thought is not morality.
Sometimes I run naked at the lake in the moonlight and breeze. It’s a freedom that feels close to God and Nature
Forgiveness doesn’t mean the offense didn’t hurt; it simply means choosing to pursue healing instead of bitterness.
Forgiveness can’t be earned, only given (grace) Trust, however, can’t be given, only earned.
Forgive as much as you want to be forgiven.
I see my life as a journey into the mystery of God. Perhaps God is the journey and not the destination.
We will continue to condemn people until we recognize, love, and accept what we despise in ourselves.
We are fragile. We begin life in weakness. We end life in weakness. Accept it.
Modern healthcare has not slowed the aging process; it has slowed the dying process.
The Lord’s Prayer can be said equally by Jews, Muslims, and Christians. We need to rethink peace.
Gender preference does not define you. Your spirit defines you
If you’re too busy to laugh, then you are too busy.
When you have actions to regret, that’s when you gain character.
When you can regret your actions, you gain character.
It is not necessary to understand. It is necessary to love.
As a Christian, you are not required to understand. You are required to love and serve others.
Reading supplies knowledge. Thinking provides application.
Why would God give me intellect and the ability to reason, if I weren’t meant to use them?
You are unique! Just like everyone else……..
Nothing is illegal, until you are caught.
It’s hard to be old and wise if you were never young and crazy.
To love and be loved. That is true happiness.
Have compassion for all. Some suffer too much, others too little.
You should never be ashamed to admit a mistake, for in doing so you are wiser today than yesterday.
Happy is the person who finds a true friend. Happier still when that true friend is your spouse
You would be surprised if you knew what your soul said to God sometimes.
Too often when I have loved, I have not said so.
Laughter is a good beginning for a friendship
There is a strange sadness in freedom. Our souls may have been scarred by the chains that bound us. But at least they are familiar chains.
To be relieved of bondage to who we think we are and can simply be who we are.
God wants to provide our ultimate security but we seek our safety in power and possession and then continually worry about them.
Your soul is deeply aware of things your mind can barely conceive.
Rage – in reaction to our leaders’ insanity is a powerful energy that can be turned into fierce compassion.
We are how we treat each other – nothing more.
In our culture the triune God we do trust in is Security, Power, and Possessions.
Whatever you are ultimately concerned with is God for you.
My inadequacies or defects are spaces in to which I can welcome Grace.
If you cannot love yourself then you cannot love another.
I love Trey unconditionally. Expecting him to love me back would be conditional love.
You are not a journey to nowhere, but rather a journey to now-here! Heaven is here now. So relax.
Put away your pointless taboos on sexual energy. Help each understand its wonder.
To see as you see, to know as you know, to be as you be.
I don’t need to believe in God. I experience Him every day.
The experience of God is so much more important than the word of God.
Inner peace safely guides us to where thoughts alone cannot go.
Mind, Body and spirit.
Physical, nonphysical, metaphysical
Conscious, subconscious, superconscious
Id, ego, superego
Energy, matter, antimatter.
God not tell you His truth until you stop telling Him your truth.
Hidden in your deepest feelings is your highest truth
Men try to direct life. Women tend to experience life. We men would do well to learn from women.
Strength is not power over another one but rather power shared with another one.
Shame is not virtue. Guilt is not goodness. Fear is not honor.
Religion asks you to learn from the experience of others while spirituality urges you to learn on your own.
Power fame and success are not bad. But choose power with others, fame for others, and success for the benefit of others.
Deception is part of politics. A lie told long enough becomes the truth.
Politics is the art of saying only what needs to be said, and that is not always the truth.
Desire for more leads to less compassion for others.
What made America great was not because each was responsible for personal survival but that each was responsible for the survival of all.
Don’t just bring peace to the lives you touch. Be peace.
God is not separate from us, and we are not separate from each other.
Feel your feeling. Cry your cries. Laugh your laughs. Honor your truth.
Those who do not believe in magic will never find it.
I am you and you are me and God is us. We are all connected.
What you fear is what you will draw to you. Banish fear.
As long as you worry about what others think of you, you have given them power over you.
Be happy. Do things from a place of happiness. Then those things you desire will be.
As muscle fails, wisdom prevails.
Many merely exist. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.
Want to know right from wrong? Ask yourself, what if everyone else did it. You’ll have your answer.
Why is it if I kill myself quickly with a gun its suicide but if I do it slowly with cigarettes, it’s (not)?  Called commerce?
Values must change as we grow/evolve. Never changing values is self-righteousness.
Your truth lies in your future, not your past.
Find the divine within yourself and you will begin to see it in others.
Be a guru. Praise others. The, I see you concept.
If you skinny dip in a lake at dawn, fish will nibble at the darnedest things.
Your life should be an adventure, not a need to arrive or make it.
Seeking power over others is weakness disguised as strength.
I am not a noun. I am is a verb.
You are not a human being, you are a human that is being.
God is not the Supreme Being. God is the being of everything. Everything is God.
Being vulnerable is the true measure of courage.
Choose wisely. Sometimes peace is better than being right.
Pursue your own path, whatever it is, and be happy.
When the argument is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.
So many people are so heavenly minded, that they are no earthly good.
To find true peace, you must drop the armor and be vulnerable.
Too many of us choose our path out of fear, disguised as practicality.
If you are truly thankful, you share.
I am thankful for family, God given and God chosen.
I am thankful for health in mind, body, and spirit.
I am thankful for love and laughter and tears.
I am thankful for those who take care of me.
I am thankful for those who need my help.
I am thankful for food and shelter.
I am thankful.
What is epiphany? That moment when your mind, body, and spirit all see something old in a new way.
Money is how I contribute to my financial 401k. Exercise is how I contribute to my physical 401k. Loving others is how I contribute to my emotional 401k
Fight for what you care about, but do it in a way that makes others want to join you.
Your worth is not measured by what others do to you.
I have no need of heavenly rewards. When I look at Trey, family, and friends, I realize I already have my rewards.
Apparently “airing out” on my deck at the intersection of Wendover and Randolph is frowned upon.
Never do “whirly birds” in front of an open window without checking first.
Everybody stumbles.  All the best people admit it and learn from it.
I have the right to be angry. I do not have the right to be cruel.
I may pause before a battle, but I never shrink from it.
You drew a circle that left me out. So I drew a bigger circle that took you in.
Enlightenment forever takes away the right to judge between the worthy poor and the unworthy poor.
I ain’t saintly, even faintly………….
We underestimate the power of a kind word, a smile, a listening ear, and an honest compliment.
When it comes to religion, forget the messenger.  Did you get the message? That’s the question.
If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.
We have to deal with the demons we are and the miracles we can be.
People do not stay in love because of chemistry. People stay in love because of forgiveness and gratefulness.
Cancer started a fight with Trey 11 years ago today. But Trey finished the fight!
Be kind quickly and often. You never know when it may be too late.
Sometimes, there is nothing better than a well-placed profanity.
A person rebuilt with hope resurrects dreams killed by hate.
I was first born of flesh, then from the ashes of fire, and now reborn in the song of love and service to others.
If you believe everything you read, it may be better not to read.
I have one tongue and two ears so I can listen twice as much as I speak.
I think there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe and I know they are intelligent because they have not tried to contact us!
Why does no one listen me until I fart?
If you think no one cares that you are alive, try missing a few car payments.
Courage is not a sentiment, it’s a commitment.
They will know us by our love….just saying.
Jellyfish have survived for 650 million years without a brain. So there is hope for many people.
What you believe spiritually is not the problem.  What you think I should believe is the problem.
I am not perfect. But I can still be a superhero. Even they make mistakes….
Being gay is not a choice. Hate is.
Do not lose your identity to your demons. We all have demons. Don’t let them define you.
Your character is what you really are. Your reputation is merely what others think you are.
I posed nude for a magazine but the guy at the newsstand said he only took cash.
My past does not make me wise. My responsibility for the future does.
The strength of a man isn’t in how hard he hits. It’s in how tender he touches.
Trey: Describe me in one word. Wesley: Mine!
Anyone can be passionate. It takes true lovers too be silly.
Make love, not war. Hell, do both. Get married!
I admit it I married Trey for his looks, but not the ones he’s giving me recently!
21st century dating: You can touch each other but you cannot touch each other’s cell phone.
Sometimes when I look in to Trey’s eyes, I still find everything.
Marriage can be really tough because you have to deal with feelings…and lawyers
Chastity is curable if detected early enough
If you are talking about me behind my back, clearly my life is more interesting than yours…………
Love language. Go away means come back. I hate you means I love you. I am fine means I am not okay.
There is great power in showing forgiveness to someone who doesn’t deserve it.
The reason everyone loves a dog is because he wags his tail instead of his tongue.
Part of being smart is knowing that you don’t know some things.
Make your stumble part of your dance.
The ultimate rulers in our democracy are not the president, the senators, or the congressman, but rather the voters of this country.
You can be too rich. You can be too thin. But you can never have too much bandwidth.
A recent survey indicates that the Smartphone is now the number one hand held device. The penis has slipped to second spot.
ICD9 diagnosis: Sex Addict ICD10 diagnosis: Restless Groin Syndrome
It is more important to know a patient has a disease than what disease a patient has.
We all have challenges. Life without challenges is know as death.
Add a little silliness to your serious plans. It’s good to be silly at the right moment.
I come from Irish stock and naughty is part of the DNA……….
Feeling powerless can compel you to try and get away with stuff.
Too many people frame advice upon the wall instead of using it.
Great people have always encountered opposition from mediocre minds
Apparently common sense is not so common.
It takes true moral courage to remain optimistic.
The secret to a happy life? An attitude of gratitude.
Treat others as who they are capable of becoming and you help them become that.
I am a Christian, but not the kind of Christian that is generous with damnation and stingy with grace.
Laughter attracts joy, releases negativity, and leads to wondrous cures
It is better to be loved than feared.
Nothing exceeds my honor in being your teacher.
Love has no gender – compassion has no religion – character has no race
Your happiness is proportional to your acceptance an inversely proportional to your expectations.
Patient is encouraged to quit smoking. Smoking cessation material is offered.
There is power in being silly and not caring that you are.
Your happiness is proportional to your acceptance an inversely proportional to your expectations.
Take without forgetting and give without remembering.
Don’t confuse what is sensational for what is important.
To live in the hearts left behind, is to live forever
Friends bring much needed energy to your soul.
Words said in anger are often untrue. Take care to not let those words become your reality.
People are quick to believe the bad things they hear about good people.
Too many people are educated far beyond their intelligence.
No one is exempt from saying silly things; the mischief is to say them deliberately!
The ability to say I was wrong and I am sorry reveals true strength.
The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way it treats its most vulnerable citizens.
Wesley. Noun. Someone who solves problems you didn’t know you had in a way you don’t understand. See all Wizard, magician.
Patience is a bitter cup from which only the strong can drink.
To show love to a single heart by a single act, is better than a thousand heads bowed in prayer.
Patience is not simply waiting, but how we behave while waiting.
Why is it easier to forgive someone for being wrong than for being right?
Great love and great accomplishments involve great risk
Nonviolence is a tool of the wise and a weapon of the strong
To show love to a single heart by a single act, is better than a thousand heads bowed in prayer.
We prepare for what we care for.
The more grateful you are, the more respect you have for others.
True leaders embrace mistakes and lead from them
Successful people don’t have to have high IQ’s but do need a high WhyQ
Bosses feel responsible for their people. Leaders feel responsible to their people.
You are responsible for your attitude.
Happy people are not those getting more, but those giving more.
Give cheerfully and accept gratefully. Then everyone is blessed.
Make mistakes this coming new year. Growth comes from mistakes and learning from them.
The road to success is always under construction; so embrace the roughness of it and never expect it to be smooth
Words are free, but how you use them may cost you.
Hatefulness and ignorance should never be in a position of leadership
The ink of an intellect is more sacred than the blood of a martyr.
Confidence is quiet. Insecurity is noisy.
Trey and I learned one of the keys to a successful marriage is to argue naked.
An educated mind can entertain a thought without accepting it.
All humans are liable to err. Be sure to have humility enough to confess your error and retrace your steps.
The surest way to spread misinformation is to tell the truth
According to the Bible, man was made on the seventh day, when God was tired.
Never trust your judgement when your imagination is out of focus.
The difference between the almost right word and the right word is a large matter – look at lightning bug and lightning.
Some worship heroes, some worship power, some worship God – but all worship money.
Nothing incites money crimes like great poverty and great wealth.
Verily I say unto you, that it is one thing to have money and another thing to know how to spend it.
When every person in a state votes, cruel laws are impossible.
To learn what humans really are – you need only observe during elections
Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, narrow-mindness.
My faith journey has taught me that the secret to happiness can be summed up in two words: practice forgiveness.
Thinking well of others often allows them to be better than they would be otherwise.
Someone else’s success in no way diminishes mine.
Marriage lets you annoy one special person the rest of your life.
After 32 year, I can’t remember if Trey fell for me or if I tripped him……………..
God only give what you can handle. Apparently God thinks I’m a bad ass
Intelligence and a naughty mind is an excellent combination……….
We do not pray to influence God, but rather to change the nature of we who pray.
Freedom may be won by generation but must be earned and maintained by the next generation.
If you cannot see Christ in the homeless drug addict, then you will not find Him in the Sunday morning chalice.
My actions are seeds I plant in patients for fruit others will reap.
There is nothing stronger than gentleness.
Be your character not your reputation. You are your character and reputation is merely what people think you are.
Fail at something you love rather than succeed in something you hate.
No one is a failure who enjoys life
The immature person wants to die nobly for a cause while the mature person wants to live humbly for a cause.
You only get the love you think you deserve.
If you are betrayed, release disappointment at once so that bitterness has no time to take root.
You can accomplish great things when you don’t care who gets the credit.
My goal is not live forever but to create something that does.
Science is gathering knowledge faster than society is gaining wisdom
The educated mind can entertain an idea without accepting it.
One of life’s hardest challenges is to know so much yet have control over nothing.
Equality and justice are not means to a higher political end. They are the highest political end.
The more forgiving you are, the more you are forgiven.
To be happy, choose which matters most: your fears or your hopes.
I never let my sense of morals prevent me from doing what is right
Some of the biggest achievements in my life have come from helping others achieve.
This white boy believes in the United Shades of America
Love is not just something I possess nor is it something I only feel. Love is a verb that requires my action.
To succeed, do not focus all your energy on fighting the old, but on building the new.
Observe and acknowledge your emotions but do not become them
When your life routines get interrupted and you feel like a failure, view the break as an intermission in the symphony of your life. Be gentle with yourself.
No one can give you peace but you.
If you cannot live in the present, then you cannot live
In the past I was smart, and I wanted to change the world. Now I am wise so I am changing myself.
What you love is what you are.
To change lives, speak with love and compassion.
When someone speaks ill of you, live as so nobody will believe them.
Be thankful for the challenges in your life, even for pain and loss as these struggles are our best teachers in resilience and compassion.
We treat others with more care than we do ourselves. In our relationship with ourselves, we berate ourselves, self-judge. We should build ourselves up.
I am not following a path. I am blazing a trail for others to follow!
Confidence does not come from external achievements but rather comes from being gentle and friendly with yourself.
To achieve confidence and remove self-doubt, be an unconditional friend to yourself.
Hold on to the vision of who you want to become and don’t let others’ perceptions of you hold you back.
The highest expression of gratitude is not to utter merely words, but to live by them.
Through judging, we separate. Through understanding, we connect.
Judge tenderly if you must judge. There is usually a side you haven’t heard.
Instead of outward achievements for loss of weight or gain of money, reflect and dream of who you want to be and trust you have the strength to become this person. Set aside the idea that you need to be fixed. Be kind to yourself and love yourself as you are.
Last year belongs to last year, next year awaits another voice. Live in the now.
All endings are a beginning.
We are called to love our neighbors, even those who didn’t vote like us.
What is the word to describe beyond love? After 32 years together and all that we have been through, there doesn’t seem to be a word to define this feeling.
The successful person bears the mistakes of life with grace and dignity and grows from them.
Give me an hour of leisure with a person and I will discover more than a year of conversation could reveal.
Some of our greatest discoveries and achievements have been through a mistake or failure. Be mindful how you want to respond when mistakes occur.
One of the most courageous acts you can do is to think for yourself – out loud.
Honor your daily small achievements. The small does matter,
Truly understanding knowledge is the power of teaching.
Do whatever gives you true joy. There you will find your answer to life.
You are not the voice you hear in your head. You are the ones who answers it. What a liberation!
In a moment you are born. In a moment you die. In a moment you can fall in love. Anything is possible in a moment.
Life is not one size fits all. Forge your own path and celebrate your uniqueness.
What is terrible, may be at its core, that which needs our love most.
Forgive yourself for your past. Your future depends on it.
Do not prioritize what’s in your schedule. Rather schedule your priorities.
Do the best you can and let the rest happen.
Imagine for yourself a character you wish to be in public and in private. Therein you will find peace.
Education is a jewel in prosperity and a refuge in adversity.
Knowledge tempered with justice is wisdom.
All things in this life are temporary. Build it. Tend it. Enjoy it. But when the time comes, let it go.
Do not pursue success. Pursue your passion and success will follow.
Eyes and ears are poor witnesses if the mind is uneducated
Love without pain, is no gain
The beginning of wisdom? When you know that you don’t know.
Do not prioritize what’s in your schedule, rather schedule your priorities.
Never judge people by their worst mistakes.
Seek first to understand, then to be understood.
You gather more flowers with an open hand rather than a closed fist.
Patience is a form of wisdom. Sometimes events must unfold in their own time.
No true genius is exempt from a bit of madness.
Through our mistakes, we learn wisdom for the future.
True success is building a firm foundation with the bricks thrown at you.
Nothing is stronger than gentleness
No one is a failure who is happy
Vacation: Much anticipated. Mostly discomfort. Remembered fondly.
Pride is the foundation of many great mistakes.
We embrace what we know because it’s safe. To embrace what is different takes courage and sense of adventure.
Be where you are now. Be present. Otherwise you will miss most of your life.
The less you require from life, the richer you are.
A successful future of a state starts with the education of its youth
A person’s character is his guardian angel.
Much learning does not guarantee understanding
Avoiding change often results in an unstable future
To love is to be vulnerable. To love deeply is to allow yourself to be weak.
Speak when angry and you will make a speech you will regret.
Fear the person who is never wrong.
To achieve great things, do not attempt to do them all alone.
One of the greatest human freedoms is the ability to choose one’s attitude in a given set of circumstances.
Try not to put up walls to give the appearance of emotional security. One must be vulnerable to be compassionate.
Dripping water wears away stone not through force but through persistence
Being vulnerable teaches compassion both to yourself and others
Try and remember something you did as a child that made you forget time. And do it often.
How you climb the mountain is more important than reaching the top.
Do not put up walls to give the illusion of emotional strength.
Don’t seek love. Tear down the walls you have built against it and love will find you
He who isn’t keeping score, who is not trying to get richer, and not afraid to lose, he is free.
Few understand that the burden of success can weigh you down and cause you to stumble.
Ego tells us we are not worthy; love says we are. You choose.
My greatest successes have come out of my greatest failures. Learn to fall upward!
No one and no thing can give you peace except yourself.
The most difficult feelings have a beginning and an end
People tend to fail when they focus on what they’re getting and tend to succeed when they focus on what they’re becoming.
The best gift we can give to another is our presence.
True confidence is rooted in our ability to unconditionally love ourselves.
To be happy and wise, one must understand change is constant.
Forgiving someone does not erase their wrongdoing, it releases the hold anger and resentment has on your heart and allows peace to return.
In the absence of wanting, we find peace.
All thoughts and emotions and sensations are impermanent and everchanging. Accept these changes and try to observe these changes without letting them control you.
Be content simply to be yourself and don’t make comparisons to others. Then true peace and respect will be achieved.
There is no shame in being tired. Even the courageous need to rest.
Obsession over your own desires steals happiness.
Do what you can that is in your power and accept the rest as it happens.
Knowing that a friend will help is often more valuable than the help.
It is not the person who insults you but rather your opinion that what is said is insulting.
Having compassion for others includes yourself
What you dwell on becomes your reality and determines your destiny.
We are doing more and feeling less. American dream success is stealing your ability to be an enlightened person.
Superficial pleasures and glittering gadgets are turning us in to over medicated debt drowning serfs.
Remember you deserve your love and affection as much as anyone else.
I would rather you understand my tears than know my smile.
Diversity in nature promotes health and longevity. Such is true for society as well.
Do not appraise your self-worth by everchanging external measures. Develop self-worth from looking within and accept you as you are.
You are not the voice in your head that criticizes you. You are the one who recognizes this fact.
There is great power in a kind word, a smile, a gentle touch. You can change lives with these simple acts.
I suspect that even the most awful person, on the deepest level, really needs our love.
Being rich and famous and doing everything you wanted is not the answer.
Money should be your servant not your master.
It is not how much you have that makes you rich, it is how much you give.
What we don’t understand, we tend to worship or fear.
Despite our differences, compassion and courage can unite us. Good can come from any crisis.
Find beauty in the frayed edges and cracks. These imperfections remind us of time and the impermanence of everything including ourselves. Allow them to teach you acceptance.
Rather than trying to fix what you see as imperfections in yourself, embrace them as part of your wholeness.
Peace is not the absence of challenges but rather to be in the middle of challenges and still have calm in your heart.
How a person treats you is more often about their internal struggle rather than about you.
The current politics of Me First do not work on an individual, local, national, or international level. We are all interconnected as our health and economy reveal. Together in everything is the answer.
Miss Rona has me in hug withdrawal. Friends, family, and patients, you have been warned!
Success is not always a roar, sometimes it is a quiet, “I’ll try again tomorrow.”
Laughter can be symbol of hope and healing. Embrace it whenever you can.
Even if you failed, all that matters is that you tried. Your best is good enough.
Practice gentleness to yourself and you will experience the success you seek.
Worry does not change your future; it steals your strength for today.
Let go of the idea that you constantly need to be fixed, you are good enough as you are.
Once you look inward with self-love, it’s hard to look outward with hate.
I am made up completely of flaws put together perfectly.
Language has power. Choose positive words. Instead of need to or have to, say want to or choose to. Word choice can influence your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.
Let love not be a bond between you, but rather a fluid sea washing upon each other’s shores.
Your kiss did not sound like a cannon, but its echo has endured much longer.
Sow love and joy will grow.
Some say the glass is half empty. Some say it is half full. I say we can fill it.
At times, there is nothing better than a well-placed profanity! It offers relief not found in prayer!
What you see in others is a reflection of your own journey.
Most of my successes in life initially scared me to death.
Embrace our differences for these make us whole.
No matter how much love someone pours in to your well, without self-love it will never be filled.
Compassion requires energy. Hate does not. Think about it.
You may have HIV, but HIV does not have you. You are in charge.
Competing ideas and agreeing to disagree are far better than retreating to our corners and refusing to listen to each other.
Enjoy happiness when it is present but never chase it. There is an impermanence to every feeling.
Life always falls apart when held together with lies
Optimism yields more success and happiness than any other attitude.
Let me make this clear, I do not have a dirty mind. I have a sexy imagination!
Arrogance has nothing to do with greatness and humility is often is a sign of quiet confidence.
The desire for revenge poisons the mind and makes you weak. Forgiving frees you and makes you strong.
An apology cannot change the past, but it can change the future.
It is unhealthy to base happiness on achieving some external goal. Happiness starts with acceptance of who you are.
Mass suffering reveals the façade of independence. We are truly interdependent and need each other.
Look for me in the people I have known and loved. This is eternal life for me.
There is no greater wisdom than kindness
We all fail every day. I am a better man today than I was yesterday if I learn from those failures.
To experience gratitude fully, don’t just speak it, but live it.
Humility is not a goal but the essence of love and wisdom
Success is not ever falling but rising every time we fall.
Fear is part of being brave. One cannot be brave without the presence of fear.
Rock bottom can be the foundation on which you rebuild!
Every challenge and adversity offer the opportunity for growth.
Challenge your desire to overindulge. Moderation can be a source of balance, health, and peace.
Fear of failure is the only thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve.
The ability to fight negative thinking is to choose one thought over another.
Be aware of yourself and do not let habitual thoughts run your life.
The twisted tree lives out its life. The straight tree becomes lumbar. It’s ok to be twisted.
Sometimes a breakthrough comes after the biggest breakdown in your life.
Not all that is sensational is important.
Most of the time, we see the worst in ourselves. Cherish those close enough to you to tell you that you are wrong.
There are moment of despair and joy in our lives but for the most part, we spend our lives waiting. Do not waste these moments. Find your peace.
Experienced trauma can make you feel helpless and fear the unknown. Talk to someone.
I have stigmatized myself with the concept of perfection. I am working to find peace in just being me.
In true friendship, time dissolves.
If you feel like you always need to be fixed, you are telling yourself that you are broken. Accept yourself as you are, and you will find peace
Patience is a form of wisdom. Let life happen and trust in it
Place a light in your heart and you will always find your way home.
It is never too late to change and begin the path to success.
The practice of medicine should never include judgment of a patient’s behavior.
Seek truth first and you will find comfort. Seek comfort first and truth may not be found.
Shame corrodes our being and creates walls that prevent us from forgiving ourselves.
The truth is rarely clean and never easy.
If you cannot let go of the past, you doom the future to be the past as well.
Do not expect a spouse you give to you that which you should be giving to yourself. It’s not fair to your spouse.
If faith happened overnight, you wouldn’t learn what to believe.
A successful leader sometimes leads from behind.
Stop criticizing yourself. It hasn’t helped. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.
In our attempts to attain perfection, we berate ourselves for mistakes and rob us of self-worth.
Our achievements do not equal our self-worth.
Each relationship has a lifespan. Be thankful for the love and the lesson learned.
Whether in science or religion, doubt is not a sin, but rather a path to finding the truth.
Kindness can dissolve misunderstanding, mistrust, and anger.
Do not expect people to do for you as you do for them. You will often be disappointed.
Don’t be ashamed to ask for help. It does not mean you are weak; it means you are wise.
Indecision will always lead to someone getting hurt. Decisions may lead to someone getting hurt.
Hard times come to everyone until the day we are done.
Once you realize your happiness is based on acceptance of who you are right now, you will have contentment and peace.
The light that shines from within you, is the true you, not the negative stories you tell yourself.
Gratitude offers you permission to allow for your mistakes and appreciate they are part of who you are.
Quit listening to opinions of your imperfections.
Your faults are a part of the glorious creation you are.
Forgiveness does not erase what happened, it’s a decision to let go of the resentment that is causing you pain.
Inspire with integrity.
Why do we feel compliments less deeply than we do insults? We are worthy.
Patience is how you act while you wait, not that you can wait.
God tries to direct me in the right direction with gentle nudges but sometimes I have to be jack slapped into the right direction.
Mistakes that make me humble are better than achievements that make me arrogant.
Be compassionate and there you will find your answer.
Empty yourself and allow yourself to be filled. There you will be exalted.
To be enlightened you must turn from materialism of this world. There is no gospel of prosperity
God is real to me in my own personal way, but I cannot define that reality. That mystery excites me most.
The secret to success? Believe in yourself and remain humble.
During this season, your presence is needed more than your presents.
Success does not change someone; it increases what’s already there.
If you wouldn’t let someone in your house, why do you let them in to your head?
Living the same year over and over is not necessarily a life. Make each year unique and one to remember.
View success as measured by your happiness rather than position, money, or fame you have achieved.
When we scratch the itch of addiction, we do not allow the addiction to heal.
Smile. Be silly. Have fun. Don’t take life too seriously. Inspire.
Constant self-criticism will not allow you to improve yourself. Accept yourself if you want to grow as a person.
Seeking worth and validation through overachieving in whatever you do is a danger sign for carrying internal toxic shame and guilt.
My thoughts are gossamer on all of creation.
Love does not come from finding perfection. Love comes from embracing the imperfection.
When you are afraid, try laughing. It’s hard to be afraid and laugh at the same time.
Be the reason someone believes in kindness again.
Inside you are all the wonders you seek
Aging can bring greater power to help others.
Accept what happens to you and answers will come.
Seek knowledge not only from books but listen to your soul as well.
A true leader does not look for consensus but creates consensus.
True family is not born of blood but from respect and joy shared in each other’s life.
Whatever makes you smile on the inside and outside, trust that.
Love yourself enough to forgive, then forgive again.
Forgiveness allows a memory to heal and changes the memory of the past in to a hope for the future.
When you do something that is right, just do it. Someone has to do it.
It takes courage to forgive yourself.
Open your arms if you want to be held.
Even heroes need to rest.
One of the secrets to happiness and wisdom is the ability to change.
My greatest achievements have come out of my greatest failures.
Everyone dies. The question is: are you living?
Yesterday was a lesson. Today is life. Tomorrow is hope.
There will always be mystery and the unknown. Curiosity drives our existence.
Courage is not the absence of fear but action in the presence of fear.
Hope is a learned behavior. Think about it.
From love, comes courage.
Wisdom in life is knowing what to hold on to and what to let go of.
Keep curiosity alive. Life is meant to be lived.
Self-forgiveness is the end of guilt.
The pain you feel is often the birthing of your understanding.
It’s not that you have a soul, but rather you are your soul. Eternal in every way.
Life cannot be perfect. Embrace the imperfections and live!